A Memoir, Roger Ebert

An American writer, spent his newspaper days critiquing film, writing essays. Ebert quickly shun to Hollywood as a film critic, being amongst stars, John Wayne to Lee Marvin, The first time he met Big Wayne “he was striding toward him of Georgia as helicopters landed behind him”

From August 1967 Ebert had become a long term film critic touring New York with Martin Scorsese, Ebert's phone would ring telling him that Harvey Weinstein’s film ‘Kansas’ City got a release date at Miramax, (he was officially in the Hollywood circle)

Roger at The Chicago Sunday Times: Image source NY Times

Ebert saw film from an invisible lens, his example: Silence of the Lambs speaks of this: “The secret of The Silence of the Lambs is buried so deeply that Hannibal Lecter is a good person. He is a helpless Victim of his unspeakable depravities, yes, but to the limited degree that he can’t act independently of them, he tries to do the right thing”

Roger battled with alcoholism as Lecter battled with independence, Ebert quit alcohol on August 1979 “I took my last drink”

In the know, Roger wrote on, after losing his ability to speak because of the Big C, however he still wrote manning his art, over a constant lens through film, his words where gently, readers were able to see a film in a whole other perspective after his critique



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