After Party ‘Fall of Industrial Society’’

We’ve had a great run, from the last 100 years, as modern industrial ages a never-ending party

Sucking free energy from oil, gas, coal, wood to generate most of our electricity. The world’s smaller in the 21st century

Globalized production, spins the engines of corporations, that feeds the agricultural boom. Travel were you like, 25 million had done in 1950…to half a billion as of the year 2000

Petroleum has been our greatest form of energy, reaching its peak in 1960's, world oil discovery has dwindled since —

Image Source: The Party’s Over, Book

Industrial society is the world’s superpower, a never ending party cleaning up Earth’s finite resources (until it runs out)

The after-party will require a collective undertaking, of conserving energy, defacing the forces of globalization, reducing population growth to at least sustain the laws of diminishing returns

The collapse of the system require’s communities big and small to conserve energy to tune the engine of energy, the engine of transition for more time

Earth’s biosphere is toxic, industrial agriculture creates synthetic ammonia conversion to nitrogen that flowing into rivers

The after-parties a slow turn, the party takes time to dwindle, which means we earthlings can regenerate enough to form a way of life for the young, if we choose as elders to do so



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