Lambs of God

David Berg, life lived as a traveling evangelist, David Brandt Berg was there leader born in 1919, named also…Dad, sometimes David Moses

A powerful movement kids, where exorcised as punishment Bexy Cameron whose parents joined the powerful movement in the 70’s was one the silent children, the silent lambs

Leaders of the cult, followers of Jesus, had strict regimes, paddling as punishment also…and strict curfew, gathering early morning, sunlight, working on the fields till noon

Children of God Leader David Berg: Image Source Tom Jackson, Wenn, Shutterstock, The Times

The Children of God exploited a child’s darkness, leaving them feel empty

The press at the time labeled The Children of God as a sex cult, that abused children for the Lords name

Bexy’s testament signifies a joint orgy of elders…sexual deprived men and women who used there movement to exploit the innocence of children

The silent lambs grew up thereafter when David Moses passed, yet the scars remained on the children who lived!



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